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3 generations of sauna traditions

The founder of HUUM, Siim Nellis, is actually the third one in his family to produce sauna heaters. His grandfather was a skilled oven-builder with a lot of experience in building sauna stoves and his father is also active in sauna heater production. Siim continues to carry on these traditions, connecting the Estonian sauna building knowledge with modern design and innovative technology.


inspired by a water drop

In 2012 the heater was developed for production and it became known as DROP. Unlike other sauna heaters before, DROP had a unique round shape, well-optimized use of metal and an increased stone capacity, which allowed the electric heater to produce a mild steam similar to wood-burning sauna stoves.

In 2015 DROP sauna heater won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design, one of the most important international awards for exceptionally good design. DROP sauna heater was acknowledged for a well-implemented design solution.

red dot award
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