Tulikivi is a part of you

The design is ideal for your home, it does what you tell it to do, when you want, and it is always ready to caress your senses. Its soul is rooted in ancient tradition and simple basic elements. Its beauty is in its distinctive design and its wisdom in its modern technical innovation.


Biggest aND Best In Finland

We are Finland’s largest stone processor and the world’s largest manufacturer of storage fireplaces. Our fireplace collection includes several different types of fireplaces made of different materials: as well as storage fireplaces, fireplace baking ovens, baking ovens, stoves, convection fireplaces and fireplaces.

At our factories in Juuka, Heinävesi and Suomussalmi, we manufacture fireplaces from both soapstone and ceramic pulp, as well as surface upholstery for other fireplace manufacturers. In addition, we manufacture the most modern and versatile heaters on the market for both wood and electric saunas. We also offer wonderful interior stone solutions for all areas of the home: stone countertops and tiles and mosaics.

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