Indoor Sauna

RelaX with Our Indoor Saunas

An indoor sauna can greatly increase your home’s value, whilst adding a luxurious, modern look to your home, and you can be sure everyone will appreciate the value of having a sauna room in your house.

Vulcana_Minimal_Sauna Room

Auroom Vulcana

Vulcana is a sauna that combines a stylish, modern design with the finest craftsmanship and superior materials. The deep golden colour and smooth surfaces of the thermo-aspen walls are elegantly offset by dark embossed Ignite cladding to create a uniquely tasteful and striking synergy. The stunning Ignite cladding in alder is used sparingly on the feature walls to accentuate the thermo-aspen’s true splendour.

The allure of Vulcana’s exquisite design is not only visual; ease of use and wellness are also built in, with the app-controlled heater saving effort, the angled backrest adding comfort and the large glass frontage creating an invitingly bright and open space.

Nativa_Interior_Fitness_Thermo Aspen_Sauna Room

Auroom Nativa

The Nativa sauna merges simplicity and rationality. Designed to instil a sense of calm and tranquillity, the Nativa’s mood lighting makes it feel like home. Strong relief wall panels give you a sense of safety and comfort and the decorative profile ensures a seamless continuity.

The horizontal wall panels broaden the sauna space, while the frontal glass wall widens the outdoor space.

This sauna model is founded on our key design principles: authentic, sculptural and modern.

Indoor Sauna
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