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A variety of saunas for all outdoor environments, with a variety of styles and sizes.

arti sauna

Auroom Arti

Attractive and compact, Arti is a smaller version of the popular Natura model. While it shares many properties with its larger cousin, its smaller size makes it easier to install.

Where there are limitations in either budget or space, Arti is the perfect way to enjoy the healing properties of the sauna and bring a little bit of luxury into your yard.

Terra outdoor sauna

Auroom Terra

With its modern design, Terra is an outdoor sauna that creates a luxurious wellness space in your own home. Available in two distinct sizes with varying layouts, you have the option of a sauna only or a larger space with an area for changing and relaxing in addition to the sauna itself.

Terra offers two stylish exterior cladding options: the Natural option features the knotted appearance of thermo-pine in a lighter shade, while the sleek Black look creates an eye-catching and modern external finish that contrasts with the interior design. Internal materials combines waxed dark-gray alder walls with either natural alder, natural aspen or thermo-aspen benches, resulting in a luxurious assortment of exquisite styles to suit your taste.

Outdoor Sauna
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