kuura 1

Kuura 1

Electric Sauna Heater

Kuura 1

Intended for traditional sauna bathing, the Kuura 1 has a visually subdued surface and presents an understated Scandinavian design. Unique to Tulikivi, this heater is made of cast stone, which has never been used in sauna heaters before. The cast stone retains the heat generated by the elements and slowly releases it evenly over time, creating a soft and comfortably humid heat. The ergonomic round design combines uncompromising Finnish innovation with Tulikivi’s technology, making the smooth and stylish design safe to the touch and ideal for family enjoyment

Outstanding Features

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The Kuura 1 heater’s modular body ensures the cladding can be easily changed, and the large stone compartment provides lasting, humid and soft heat. The modern design is especially suitable for small saunas, can be integrated into the benches, and is designed to withstand the test of time.

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