Sauna Heaters


Floor Standing Heater

Floor-mounted sauna heaters are recommended for large sauna rooms that have optimal floor space.


Hive Mini

HIVE Mini is a slimmer version of the HIVE stove.

While HIVE is intended for larger saunas (250 kg of stones), HIVE Mini fits up to 150 kg of sauna stones and is suitable for smaller saunas.

Cliff_Sauna Heater


Cliff is a slim electric sauna heater with remarkably small safety distances, which makes it perfect for saunas with limited spaces.

Thanks to its well-optimised structure the safety distances from the walls are brought down to just 6cm with smaller models and to 24 cm with larger models.

The internal air tunnel placed in the centre of the heater provides effective airflow, speeds up the heating process by 25% and prolongs the lifespan of the heating elements.

kuura 1


The round Kuura heater has a visually subdued surface. The surface material is a cast stone, which has never before been used in sauna heaters.

The colour and design of the heater is a perfect match with both dark and light suna interiors.

Thanks to the small safety distances of the heater, it can be integrated into the benches and placed more freely within the sauna.

The large stone compartment provides a long, humid and soft heat.

Tuisku Sauna Heaters


Intended for traditional sauna bathing, the Tuisku heater is made of beautiful, ribbed Finnish soapstone from Tulikivi’s quarry.

The natural soapstone retains the heat generated by the elements and slowly releases it evenly over time, creating a soft and comfortably humid heat.

The Tuisku heater’s modular body ensures the cladding can be easily changed, and the large stone compartment provides lasting, humid and soft heat.

The modern design is especially suitable for small saunas, can be integrated into the benches, and is designed to withstand the test of time.


Whilst space is a factor when choosing, wall mounted heaters are better serving for smaller saunas. Being wall mounted also assists in easier care for your sauna allowing you to clean and use floor space more freely.

Routa Sauna Heaters


The shape and small protection distances of the Routa electric sauna heater allow it to be placed comfortably within a small sauna. The stone space is large, for effective sauna heat despite the small dimensions of the heater.

The Tulikivi’s unique Finnish soapstone surface safely distributes heat and radiates long time after use. Family safe for use without imposing heater guards and cool to touch despite high rock storage temperatures.

Wood Burner

Our wood-burning stoves feature a large glass door, giving a great view of the firebox within. With an elegantly simple, contemporary look and is designed for maximum sauna enjoyment and clean combustion.

Sauna Heaters
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