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What is Sauna?

The global sauna culture is growing, bringing a sense of luxury and well-being into the madness of the modern day.

The Finns invented the sauna over 2000 years ago, and it remains entwined in Scandinavian and European culture. Originally intended for bathing, the sauna was a place to cleanse the body and soothe the soul. Whilst the methods of heating a sauna have evolved over the centuries to keep up with the demands of a contemporary lifestyle, sauna benefits remain the same.

Where Did Saunas Come FRom?

Sauna Culture pays homage to the sauna traditions of the Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe, where sauna has been a part of everyday life for centuries. More than half of the population of this part of the world incorporate saunas into their daily wellness routines. The centuries-old ritual is both relaxing and invigorating, and the healing properties of sauna steam are well-documented.

Physical wellbeing is enhanced by improved cardiovascular circulation and the softening of tension in muscles and joints. Saunas are also known to: deeply cleanse the skin, flush toxins, burn calories, improve sleep quality and reduce stress.

Nativa_Alder_Sauna Room

Who uses saunas

And now, Sauna Culture combines the most advanced, innovative and contemporary sauna systems with the most aesthetically beautiful designs so that modern Australians can experience the magic of sauna life in their own home.

A platform designed as a reputable and reliable source of all things sauna, we offer a go-to destination for inspiration, guidance and advice so we can help dispel any mystery and provide every solution. From interior designers, architects and builders to residential and commercial property owners, we have the sauna solution for you.

Sauna Cultures can do for you

Our endeavour is to offer Australians the very best sauna equipment and accessories. We have spent the last decade on research, investigation, experimentation and due diligence, so you can feel comfortable knowing that what we offer is the best sauna solution in the market.

Our supply partners are master craftsmen who have grown up in the lifelong sauna tradition. Their knowledge, expertise, and precision testify to the design aesthetics and quality finish. They are our trusted partners with aligned values.

Sauna Culture sources the ultimate sauna products from leading manufacturers who abide by traditional techniques and natural materials to maintain the most authentic sauna experience. Our trusted supply partners are master craftsmen who have grown up in the lifelong sauna tradition, and their design aesthetics and quality finish testify to their knowledge, expertise, and precision.

Form and function marry to ensure sauna owners enjoy the finest quality and highest performing sauna systems, guaranteeing the ultimate nurturing, authentic and premium sauna experience.

HUUM_Unsplash_Sauna Steam

Sauna Cabins and heaters

Sauna Culture is proud to offer a range of handcrafted timber sauna cabins that are customisable to suit individual needs. A sauna heater is the key to an efficient and effective sauna, and we have selected the two finest sauna heater manufacturers available.

Importantly, it’s the quality and quantity of the stones that are stored in the heater that matter. These natural stones are essentially the storage battery of the heater and provide the soft and soothing heat that makes a sauna such a sought-after wellness experience.

Where do we service?

Designed to empower consumer selection and trade specifications, the Sauna Culture team is happy and eager to be involved and consulted throughout the specification and installation process. With a reach that stretches throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we have developed a growing network of installation and product support advocates and resellers.

We are committed to providing the architectural and design community with the best possible experiential bathing systems from leading global brands that reflect the contemporary and lifestyle-oriented homes we enjoy.

You are in good hands

Explains Sauna Culture’s founder, Adrian Barr, “The sauna movement is gaining momentum in Australia, and we see homes transition to becoming spaces that offer a wellness sanctuary. People are becoming much more in tune with the natural healing benefits of sauna bathing and understand more about what to expect from traditional saunas.

The Sauna Culture website provides a user-friendly platform where we encourage those interested in installing a sauna, both home-owner and design professionals, in arranging a custom consultation to discuss their budget, location and specific needs so we can provide the perfect sauna solution. Sauna Culture offers a nurturing, authentic and premium sauna experience.”

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